Any products we advertise and sell which are reduced from their original price, are ‘sale price goods’, ‘clearance goods’ or ‘ex-display goods’. This price is usually displayed in another colour, other than Grey or Black.

These goods are ‘sold as seen’ and do not come with the usual benefits we offer. These goods are sold with:

No guarantees

No returns

No cancellations

No exchanges

No refunds

Please be mindful of the fact that we will have reduced the price of the goods by hundreds of pounds, to reflect any problems which may arise, in the unlikely event that they do.

This does not affect your statutory rights if the goods are not fit for purpose or of satisfactory quality.


Any order made for bespoke, custom, made to measure or made to order products cannot be cancelled, returned, exchanged or refunded.

Please be sure to double-check all the specifications you require and always be aware that fabric and leather colours will vary from batch to batch and we cannot control this or take responsibility for this.

Once you place an order for a bespoke product, you will be required to make payment in full before we will commission the manufacturing of it. The sooner you pay, the sooner we will order the goods to be manufactured for you, the sooner you will receive delivery of your goods.


Chargeback fraud, also known as friendly fraud, occurs when a consumer makes an online shopping purchase with their own credit card, and then requests a chargeback from the issuing bank after receiving the purchased goods.

Once approved, the chargeback cancels the financial transaction, and the consumer receives a refund of the money they spent. Dependent on the payment method used, we are usually accountable when a chargeback occurs.

Regrettably, in the past year alone 2021-2022, we have been the victims of Chargeback Fraud on more than 10 occasions and suffered losses of more than £20,000.

To prevent Chargeback Fraud and criminal activity in general, we ask our customers to be understanding and co-operative with a few measures we are forced to adopt:

We will not deliver the goods to any address, other than the address supplied to us when the order is placed; or the address displayed on your driver’s licence or similar form of government ID document. If the delivery of goods is not completed for these reasons, you will be liable to pay re-delivery charges when the delivery is re-scheduled.

We will not bring the goods inside your address, until the full monies owed to us is paid.

On occasions, where our security software shows a greater level of risk, we may refund you the money you paid using a credit or debit card and ask you to make the purchase using a pre-paid card or in Cash when the delivery is made;

We will ask you to sign the ‘Receipt of Goods’, which confirms that you have received the goods; or, if you have selected the ‘assembly’ service, that you have received the goods, inspected them and are satisfied with the goods;

We will ask you to allow us to take a picture of your external entry door, whilst it is open.

We will ask you to allow us to take a picture of the sofa or bed installed in your room and if you don’t mind.

We may ask you to show us a form of ID and make a note of your ID number on our ‘Receipt of Goods’.

If you refuse our requests to sign the ‘receipt of goods’, to allow us to take the necessary evidence to prove the delivery has been made or to show us your ID to prove the delivery is made to the correct person; this will be deemed as refusal to accept delivery and the product shall be returned to us. We will issue you with a full refund, less the delivery fee.


All orders placed are subject to acceptance by us. Acceptance can be assumed only after you have received delivery of the goods and not at any stage before.

At times, we may be unable to accept your order due to stock issues, supplier issues or delivery issues for example. We will notify you if the order is not accepted and we will refund any monies you may have paid.

We may also refuse to make a sale to you and that maybe for personal reasons or in the event of abusive or inappropriate behaviour / words / actions from your or anyone else concerned or affiliated with you.

In this case, we are not liable to you or any third party for any direct or indirect losses or consequences which may arise.

Please understand that we reserve the right to refuse any transaction for any reason, or refuse service to anyone, at any time, at our sole discretion.


Whilst we make absolute efforts to ensure the accuracy of descriptions, measurements and pictures on our website, please note the possibility of some variations and approximations.

Our pictures and videos may be graphically edited and the screen / device you are viewing the products on will also have a huge impact on how the product looks to you and what the product actually looks like in real life.

The shade of leather and fabric products may also vary slightly between the different variations of products you order, as the exact shade is determined on the batch from which the material is manufactured.

If you request a swatch, and the final product delivered is a slightly different shade to the swatch, we will not accept liability for this variation.


Other than bespoke and made to measure products, you have the right to cancel your order 48 hours before the delivery date, without any charge.

If you cancel your order within 48 hours of delivery being scheduled, you will incur the delivery fee of £50 as we will have booked the courier already.

If you wish to change your products for another product, this can be changed at any time before the day of delivery, if we have the selected item in stock.

If the selected item is not in stock, you will need to pay the cancelled delivery charge and wait for a new delivery to be scheduled for the new product.

Simply, email or WhatsApp us your Order Number and the cancellation request or changes you wish to make.


You must ensure that there is clear access and space to receive delivery of your goods. You will receive a call in advance of our drivers’ arrival, so if needed and you need to hold-up the road for example, you need to take responsibility for this and manage this. Our drivers cannot hold up the public highway for you.

Ensuring that the sofa or bed you purchase can be delivered to the doorstep of your property or can be delivered to your room of choice and assembled therein, is your responsibility.

You must tell us of any special circumstances which may affect the delivery of your goods. For example, if the delivery is above the ground floor level, there are parking restrictions, narrow roads, inaccessible roads, one-way systems or rural mud-tracks.

In the event of damage caused to the goods due to awkward or tight deliveries, the responsibility of this damage shall rest with you and the goods cannot be returned, replaced, cancelled or exchanged.

Please ensure your stairways or lifts are wide enough to accommodate the goods you acquire and that delivery can be made to your room of choice. Please also clear the area you want the product placed, in advance. So the delivery team is not delayed unnecessarily.

Any failed deliveries owing to access issues shall not be our responsibility and re-delivery fees will need to be paid, when the delivery is re-scheduled.


We understand how important it is for you to receive your sofa or beds on time, as scheduled. We appreciate you may have cancelled plans and taken time off work to stay at home to receive your delivery.

We will do everything possible to ensure delivery is made, as agreed.

From time to time, there can be problems which are outside of out control. For example, traffic, breakdowns and weather.

In these circumstances, we will do our utmost to reschedule the delivery as a matter of priority.


We will agree a date for delivery with you and delivery can be made between 7am and 10pm, Monday to Sunday.

If you supplied the incorrect contact details and we reach your home and are unable to complete the delivery or unable to reach you, we will return the goods to our warehouse.

You will then incur a re-delivery fee of £50 for the goods to be re-delivered, at a date we can schedule for you, which is usually within 7-14 days.

If you decide to cancel the order, please note that the delivery fee will be deducted from your refund.


If you have a ‘door-step’ delivery service, we can remove the packaging waste for you and leave the furniture pieces outside your door-step and take the waste away for an extra £20.

We charge £20 for taking the sofa or bed into your desired room. As part of our ‘room-delivery’ service, we will unpack the sofa or bed for you and we will also remove the rubbish and take it away for you.

Delivery of the sofa or bed to the first floor is an extra £10. Every floor after that is an extra £10.

To deliver and then assemble the sofa or bed in a room of your choice, remove the packaging, assemble the sofas and ensure your satisfaction of the product, we charge £69.

Call us at any time for further information, to ask questions or for other guidance.


Most of our furniture will be delivered to your door-step or outside the main doors of an apartment building / shared residence; in a dismantled and unassembled manner which helps with ensuring we can get your products through your doorway.

Quite often, our customers choose to assemble their furniture either alone or with other family members. If you prefer to have some help, then we have made this service available to you.

The best part of this service is the ‘satisfaction guarantee’ element of it. Our team will assemble the sofa or bed and ensure your satisfaction with the product. If you are not happy with the items or you discover a problem or fault, your assembly team will address the issue immediately and ensure we can return, replace or repair the item immediately.


In addition to putting the new sofa or bed together for you, we can also disassemble or dismantle the old one. Taking your old sofa or bed apart is often necessary to be able to remove it from your property.

If you’d like us to disassemble your old sofa or bed for you, let our team know when you arrange your delivery, and they will be pleased to help. The removal of your old couch or bed will cost £150 (for a set of 2 sofas or 1 bed).


Door-step delivery = Free (subject to a delivery charge based on your location)
Removal of packaging with door-step delivery = £30
Room-delivery service = £40 (free packaging removal)
Sofa or bed assembly = £30 (only with room-delivery service and free packaging removal)
First floor = Extra £10
Every floor after the first floor = Extra £10 per floor
Disassembly & removal of old furniture = £150 (2 sofas or 1 bed)